Royal Blood


A spectacular, action-packed MMORPG


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Become the heir the human empire in the three dimensional MMORPG Royal Blood. Your father was just killed at the hands of a terrible demon, and now it's up to you to reclaim the throne and defeat the Infernal Legion.

Choose between four completely different characters when you start a new game: a warrior, a scout, a sorceress and a magician. Each character has its own playing style, unique skills, and exclusive weapons. On top of that, you can even customize your character's hairstyle, facial features and clothing.

Royal Blood has a very dynamic combat system. Use the virtual directional pad on the left to move around and dodge enemy attacks, while attacking or defending with the buttons on the right. That being said, you can automate battles after you've made some progress in the game.

There's hundreds of unique missions to complete in Royal Blood's story mode, in which you'll meet dozens of interesting NPCs and battle thousands of different monsters. On top of that, you can also battle other players in Royal Blood's PVP mode.

With outstanding graphics, fun gameplay, and loads of character customization options, Royal Blood is an absolutely spectacular MMORPG.

Android 5.1 or higher required